Kevin was born in Cheverly, Maryland and was moved to suburban Detroit when he was 10 months old, which is where he lived until leaving for the University of Miami, Florida 18 years later. Kevin played for the Hurricane baseball team, while carrying a double-major in broadcast journalism and French, and also found time to do play-by-play and color commentary for Hurricane football and basketball.

His experience in the broadcasting business began down in Miami, where he worked as an intern for Channel 10, Miami's ABC-TV affiliate, in the sports department. Most of the time he went out with a cameraman and a microphone to get sound bites for the evening and late news, primarily at Miami Heat practices and at Dolphins' mini-camp. He also got a chance to cover the 1993 Doral Open and the 1993 Honda Open, where Tiger Woods performed as a teenager.

Kevin went to Sports Flash in December of 1995, after a failed attempt at becoming a professional baseball player, and has done a variety of things at the network, including work as a producer, reporter, SportsFlash anchor and finally, as a show host. He began hosting shows as a fill-in during August of 1996 and got his own weekend early morning show in May of 1997, which he still does. Wheeler also writes for several football and baseball publications during his free time and somehow finds time to give private baseball lessons as well as large-scale clinics for youth baseball coaches.

Kevin has an energetic style that requires plenty of homework and preparation. He rarely "follows the crowd" without first investigating for himself. Kevin is attentive to detail and tries to make his audience think for themselves instead of always believing what others tell them. He loves free agency, big contracts and 2-1 baseball games, but hates double-standards when it comes to the treatment of star athletes. Most of all, he just loves sports and wants to help everyone else see things as they never have before.

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